Providing a complete package of telecommunications services from one operator delivered via one service connection.

Primary services:

  • Digital telephone connection (local, national, and international connection);
  • Broadband internet;
  • Virtual Private Network;
  • System integration.

Additional services:

  • Additional internet services for your connection;
  • Virtual telephone station services;
  • Video media.

Eurasia Telecom provides:

  • A package to suit your individual telecommunications requirements and development of customized solutions;
  • Complex solutions delivered via one service connection;
  • Integration of geographically remote departments within a single digital network;
  • Client data security provision;
  • Scalability of solutions and optimization of effective budget expenditure on communications infrastructure;
  • Flexible tariff structure policy;
  • 24 hour monitoring of our network infrastructure;
  • 24 hour technical support;
  • Personal manager.